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celebrate happy everyday

“We hope to inspire you to discover, celebrate share your happiness –  one hoogah at a time!”


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We are an omni-channel, community-driven, media platform. We hope to kick-start a happy movement. Join us. Let's make happy contagious. The world needs loads of it!


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why did we start myhoogah?

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What makes me happy?

This seemingly simple question has most people stumped. Don’t believe us? Try it out. 

Ask yourself, “what makes me happy?” Once you get past the most obvious answers of home, spouse, success, chocolate, or maybe even your neighbor’s son (wink!) – you will still feel unsure! 

Most of our lives, we are pursuing happiness. But guess what! We most likely don’t know what truly makes us happy!

It’s one real life, folks!

We are living in the most connected, ‘social’ world, yet we seem to be the most disconnected lot. Ever wondered why ‘loneliness epidemic’ is at its all-time high? 

Here’s a not so fun fact – when we don’t know what makes us happy, anything makes us happy. Bad news is that most of us are on the ‘don’t know’ boat. Good news is that we are not alone! 

Don’t take our word for it. Steve Cutts has brilliantly summed this up:

Just coz you love butterflies, don’t make you a caterpillar

Just coz you love solitude, don’t make you lonely

Just coz you love luxury, don’t make you vain

Just coz you love whiskey, don’t make you an alcoholic

Just coz you love achievement, don’t make you less of a mom

You got the drift right! We need to break away from stupid, social stereotypes and the overwhelming need to conform. There is no correct answer for what makes us happy! ‘Take a path that feels right for me’ is what we need to do. The journey is what makes us happy.

we are often asked, what does 'myhoogah' mean?

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The word ‘myhoogah’ is inspired by the Danish word ‘hygge’ (pronounced hoo-gah). It means coziness and contentment. 

But the real real real reason we chose ‘myhoogah’ was that our daughter saw this word and said ‘hoo-gah’ in the cutest way. And that sealed it for us! We just knew that it was meant to be . We borrowed the sound and made it our own! 

For us, myhoogah means ‘my very own happy corner’.  Think of myhoogah as your own sacred happy space. This seemingly ‘messy & imperfect room’, is your ‘aaah I’m home’ space . And that’s the only thing that matters. Everything else is just noise!

So, hop onto the myhoogah train now. Discover and celebrate your own pockets of happiness. Sprinkle some confetti and make your hoogah contagious.

our simplest house rules

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your hoogah your way

No one celebrates your happy like you do. Don’t conform. Go ahead, embrace your hoogah!

it’s always a choice

Your big hoogah is made up of a million small hoogahs. Choose not to wait around. Choose to seize your joys now.

hooray! we are grey

We are a bundle of contradictions. And that’s what we are meant to be. Don’t look to box yourself. Hoogah it all!

it’s ok to indulge

It’s all about being imperfectly perfect. And hey, it always averages out in the end. So, why stress! Indulge your inner child and let her free.

share your hoogah

It’s proven! The best way to cheer yourself up is to spread the cheer around. It’s a hoogah that keeps on giving! Go on, be your own Santa!

hoogah now

Don’t wait no more. Start celebrating and sharing your hoogah now! Cheers to making hoogah contagious!

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it takes a village to raise hoogah. You in?

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myhoogah is a community movement. It’s driven by you, for you and of you.  Let’s get together to discover and celebrate our hoogah. Let’s make this world a happier place. The humanity needs a lot of it.

Making happy contagious will take time and that’s ok.  We will build this movement together- one hoogah at a time! You in?

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