DIY: Green cloud asparagus fern arrangement

Green hoogah clouds come floating in and how!

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We have often seen asparagus fern being used as fillers for other arrangement. Witnessed it be the silent backdrop as the flowers take center stage. 

But we decided it was time to give it its due credit so we went ahead and made it our sole hero in this arrangement! And it sure turned out to be a myhoogah favorite!

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  • 4 bunches of Sprenger’s asparagus


  • Glass vessel with a slender neck and narrow mouth 
  • Floral clippers
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  • Clean and prep the glass vessel and the asparagus stems
  • Fill the vase with sufficient water
  • Since there is no one way around this arrangement, the best step forward is to let the shape of the stems themselves define the structure of the arrangement. 
  • Pick the tallest stem to place in first. Make sure the height is proportionate to the height of the vase
  • Next, tuck in the bushier stems towards the rim of the jug to add more volume and create a rounder base
  • Pick the stems with a personality of their own to add a sense of interest! In this case we found an oblong bunch that would reach over the edge of the vase and hang low creating a pleasing composition. 
  • And there you have it! Your very own personal cloud tree!
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  • Make sure to get a fresh batch from the market as asparagus last for a really long time so your arrangement will stay put for days
  • You could also grow your own asparagus at home as they are low maintenance and yield well in less time
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  • Recreate the look using small glass jars with bunches that tumble over the edge of the glass appearing to flow out of the jars. They make for the perfect effortless arrangement as they sit pretty on credenza tops
  • For a more manicured look, add in a few bunches of asparagus into a vase and then snip the ends of the bushes to shape the arrangement as you would like it to be!
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