Bhavini Soorma, you do you!

Oh, how he spoke about my grandma! I melt...

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Hola! I’m Bhavini Soorma. I’m only 24 yrs young and from Faridabad. I’m an ambivert, wanderer and a psychologist. And no, I can’t read minds (seriously guys)!


When I think “Happy”, I think
Travel, books & family

myhoogah.. in 3 words
Drawing mandalas, traveling & reading

My gratitude jar thanks
My health & my family

Coz happiness is… childhood memories
My 10th birthday! I had all my loved ones, family & friends come over.We had an amazing time dancing and laughing. It’s one of those happy memories I can never forget.

My warm fuzzy, food memory
Having a lobster with my friends in Goa

Thank you, my speed dial peeps!
Mom, Arrush & Aarushi

Thank you, for this unforgettable act of kindness!
I was out for a walk one day. A stranger approached me and handed over a note which said, “ Just let it all go and you’ll feel wonders”. I still don’t know who she was or why she chose to give me that note. But I really needed to hear it that day. Thank you 🙂

Happiest when doing this with my fam!
We are always home and together on New Year’s Eve. No parties or going out, just home together with pizza.

Pick-me-up-anytime tunes
Rang De Basanti
Dil Chahta hai
This Feeling

My fav memory with my grandparents
My grandfather sharing his travel stories and how lovingly he would talk about my grandma’s memories.

Best advice ever, period!
Until you wont feel it, you wont heal from it.

I’m quirky & I love it
How I can let people know in a subtle way if something they said offends me.

My simple joys..
Travelling, reading & art.

An all-time guilty pleasure

When I feel low..
I talk to my diary

I’ve got only 10 years to live. How will I live it?
Somewhere in the heights of the mountains with nature and the locals

If my life was a book, it’d be called
Somewhere between this world and that

I’m learning something new
Book binding

The most spontaneous me, so far!
Rented a car and went for trip with my friends

Dear 15-year-old self..
To have it all, you have to risk it all

Dear 60-year-old self..
Never give up on yourself. You’ll reach wherever you need to.

An all-time favourite quote
Do not go with the flow. Be the flow.

My all-time favourite books
Harry Potter series, The Kite Runner, A Thousand Splendid Suns, Ikigai, Palace of illusions, Forty Rules of Love.

My all-time favourite movie
Harry Potter Series, All the Bright Places ,Rang De Basanti, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara.

My all-time favourite game
Crossword, Scrabble, Ludo

My all-time favourite fairytale
Cinderella, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast

The biggest lesson I learnt
I have to feel what I am feeling and stay with it to understand it and to heal from it.

An unexpected happy lockdown outcome
I started creating my art works again

Found it tough to deal with
Emotional Breakdowns

A new lockdown skill
Book binding

During lockdown, I find my pockets of hoogah
Seeing that my family stays safe, through art & my books

Let’s beat Covid together!
Do not run away from what you are feeling in this difficult time. You won’t heal until you feel. It is as important as breathing

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