DIY: Candy Carnation & pom pom chrysanthemum flower arrangement

Candy colours and fresh flowers. What's not to love!

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Ever thought florals could be the solution to your kids birthday party decor? No? Well, this assorted, bright carnation floral arrangement certainly might change your mind!

With bright colours and quirky shapes, this arrangement is well on its way to becoming one of our favourite myhoogah moments! And we’re hoping it will be yours too!

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  • 3 stems – Roses (orange)
  • 3 stems – Pom pom chrysanthemums (yellow)
  • 3 stems – Carnations (purple)
  • 3 stems – Carnations (yellow with purple edge)
  • 3 stems – Carnations (yellow)
  • 2 stems – Gladiolus (orange)


  • 3 stems – Fishtail palm leaves


  • 1 no – Ceramic column vase
  • Bright pink ribbon
  • Floral clippers
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  • Pick out a subtle yet playful colour for the vase. In this case, we went the powder blue way!
  • Carefully clip the ends of the flower stalks to roughly between 1½ time to 2 times the height of the vase.
  • Read our step by step floral prep to make sure your flowers last the longest in the arrangement. 
  • Fill the vase with sufficient water and lay out the flowers in their respective bunches.
  • Place the flowers in one by one starting with the stalkiest one in this case the orange roses. 
  • Follow suit with the chrysanthemums and the carnations as you dot them into the vase at varying heights. Given the three colours of carnations used, make sure they are places such that they compliment each other. 
  • Arrange the rest of the flowers to ensure there are no vivid gaps. Fill in the gaps with shorter bushier stems. Add the white pom pom mums towards the mouth of the vase to create volume. 
  • Gently nudge in the delicate green stalky stems as they form the perfect frame for the arrangement. 
  • The shapes and colour of this bright carnation floral arrangement sure paint a pretty picture! 
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  • Go all out with the flowers so you only have so many choices! The point of it is to have fun and believe us, with this one you definitely will!
  • Change the water in the vase on a daily basis to ensure the flowers last longer for we would want this around for as long as we possibly could!
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  • A pastel palette for the supporting decor like giant chalks, party banners work best for a fun yet elegant setting!
  • Adding a whimsical ribbon (again a bright colour, of course!)around the vase will perfectly tie the bunch together. 
  • Also makes for the much sought after quirky setting, either for your colorful living or your favorite Hoogah corner!
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