DIY: Tall bird of paradise and a gerbera flower arrangement

Two tall stems and three gerbera younglings for one perfect picture.

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Many a time while shooting the floral arrangements, we were often reminded of the times people would come together for that perfect family picture. Moving around to make sure everyone is seen and flashing those pearly whites. This simple cheerful gerbera flower arrangement also reminded us of a family portrait. Say cheeese!

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  • 3 stems – Gerbera flowers (yellow)


  • 2 nos –  Bird of Paradise leaves


  • 1 no. – Linear medium sized glass vase
  • Floral clippers


  • Clean and prep the vase and the flowers
  • Fill the vase with just enough water and lay out the prepped florals
  • Begin with the two leaves of Bird of Paradise
  • Place them so they fan outward rendering the arrangement a defined structure
  • Next tuck in the Gerbera stems one by one
  • Make sure to clip the stems to varying heights so the arrangement does not look forced
  • Say cheese and capture this cheerful family picture!  
Yellow Green Gerbera Bird of Paradise Flower Arrangement
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  • Keep in mind the proportion of the bottle while picking the stems
  • Clip the ends as needed so the vase does not tip over
  • Be gentle while working with the florals and the vase. Both are fragile!
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  • Slightly aged bird of paradise leaves have a beautiful yellow hue. They pair beautifully with yellows of the gerbera. Make the best of what is available!
  • Work out similar combinations of palms and florals with complementing colour palettes.
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