DIY: Easy felt weave bookmark

Have fun playing around with a colour palette with these colourful Felt weave Bookmarks!

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These DIY Felt Bookmark ideas make for great handcrafted gifts. They’re super fun and are perfect for quirky crafters who love their books and their art supplies! 

Combine these two fun hobbies together for a quick Hoogah boost! 

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  • 2 Felt papers 
  • 2 Coloured ribbons 
  • Pair of scissors 
  • Craft glue 
  • Pen knife 
  • Pencil
  • Measuring scale


STEP 1: Material Set-Up

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  • Choose your desired colour combination for the felt bookmarks.
  • We decided to go with a combination of red and grey.
  • Have corresponding coloured ribbons ready.

STEP 2: Cut out the template

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  • Cut felt cloth:  Length – 10 cm & width – 2.5 cm.
  • Feel free to adjust the size of the bookmark as per your preference.

STEP 3: Mark the slits

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  • Using a pencil, lightly draw a margin of 0.5 cms along the four sides.
  • Next, draw short lines diagonally across the length of the bookmark.

STEP 4: Weave the bookmark

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  • Cut through these lines, using a penknife, to have slits across the bookmark.
  • Don’t cut beyond the border.
  • Weave the ribbon alternately through these slits.
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If you enjoyed playing around with these gorgeous felt weave bookmarks, show us some love and tell us how you styled them. We hope you had as much fun making them as we did! 


  • You could show off these super cute bookmarks in a stack of books placed on a table or on a bookshelf
  • We also recommend them as perfect festive gift tags. Attach them to your Diwali boxes to personalize them
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