DIY: Flower felt paper clip bookmark

You never have to remember your page number again!

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You never have to remember your page number again! At myhoogah, we totally get your annoyance when you forget those page numbers. No worries pal! 

We got a 3 item solution to it. These flower felt paper clip bookmarks are to die for and so easy to make. So grab your craft supplies and get ready to make some with us! 

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  • 2 inch or larger paper clips – as many as you desire 🙂
  • (2-3) nos. –  felt paper sheets
  • A4 size sheets
  • All fix glue
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • A pair of scissors


STEP 1: Material Set-Up

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  • Have fun. Play around with different colour palettes.
  • Psst: Don’t throw away those scrap felt paper sheets. Transform them into beautiful hoogah crafts.
  • We will need card stock sheets to trace the templates.
  • Felt paper shapes has to wrap around the paper clip.
  • Hence, we trace along the folded edge of the card stock.
  • This duplicates the pattern on the other side as well.

STEP 2: Trace the template

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  • We have chosen to make a felt flower paper clip bookmark.
  • Hence, we are tracing the petals on the sheet.
  • The size of the shape can vary. Ensure it works well with the size of the paper clip.
  • Take a card-stock sheet and fold it in half.
  • Trace and cut the card stock template along the folded edge (refer to the second image in this step).

STEP 3: Trace and cut the felt petal shapes

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  • Place the card stock templates on the felt paper.
  • Trace and cut out the shapes.
  • For this DIY, we will need 5 petals per clip.

STEP 4: Secure the petals

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  • Take a petal. Wrap it around the top end of the paper clip.
  • Secure both ends of the petal using an all fix glue.
  • We recommend holding the petal in place for around 3 minutes while the glue sticks.

STEP 5: Complete the flower felt paper clip

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  • Add more petals as needed
  • Ensure the petals are secured before adding the next.
  • Let the bookmark dry for around 10 to 14 minutes.
  • For best drying results, add a weight over the bookmark.

STEP 6: The flower felt paper clip bookmark is ready!

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  • This super pretty DIY flower felt paper clip bookmark is ready.
  • Read away. Clip away!
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These felt paper bookmarks are easy to make, lovable and can go along with literally any pattern! Show us how you’re working these fancy felt paperclip bookmarks into your daily reading.


  • Create an assortment of beautiful shapes, sizes and colours
  • Attach a magnet at the back. Convert this into a super cute set of fridge post it holders
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