DIY: How to make a paper boat

Day by day I float my paper boats

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Do you remember that one monsoon evening, your lungs breathing in sweet petrichor? When you were unable to meet Ayush from down the lane, because your mom was concerned that you might fall sick from the rain?

Let’s rewind back to what we did that evening.

Kagazi: A blue colour paper boat, a white colour paper boat, flowers in a vase against a white backdrop
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Remember the joy you felt when your tiny fingers traced the familiar folds of the paper boat that your teacher taught you in school? 

The utter happiness when you let the boats go out into the puddle with your sibling. And suddenly, you became one with the rain that pitter-pattered around! 

You watched the boats of your creation embark upon journeys to unknown lands. You secretly wished them luck from the bottom of your heart, watching them till the horizon stole them away. Or alas, some just stayed. Perhaps you still have a tiny little paper wonder lying in your drawer!

Kagazi: A blue colour paper boat and a white colour paper boat on a white and blue printed sheet
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We absolutely cherished reliving these moments of sheer joy, while taking a walk down the memory lane! So go ahead, revisit these turns, folds and cuts with your loved ones!  Let’s get down to how to make a paper boat!


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  • Pair of scissors
  • 12 inch scale
  • 28cm x 20cm normal card stock (not too thick or thin), or use a waxed paper from an art store (lasts longer). Depending on your preferred size, you may increase or decrease the paper measurements in the ratio 5:7.
  • Kinds of paper you can use to make the paper boat:  Scrap Paper, Printed Paper (make your own art on it), Coloured Paper, Old Map Papers, and even long lasting Butter Papers

You are all set in your how to make a paper boat department. So let’s go!


STEP 1: Make the initial fold

Fold the piece of paper in half (lengthwise), and make a crease

STEP 2: Make the second fold

Once again, fold the paper into half. Make a crease and unfold it.

STEP 3: Make the body

Fold the top corners towards the middle portion, leaving 2 cm in the bottom. Crease the folds to secure.

Step 4: Fold flap 1

Fold the bottom flap upwards against the 2 folded triangles and flip the paper.

Step 5: Fold flap 2

Repeat the same process that you did with the first flap.

Step 6: Tuck in tips

You will find the corners sticking out on either side. Fold those little flaps over diagonally.

Step 7:  Make a square

Take the triangle you made and open up the bottom of the triangle. Pull the paper apart gently until it pops into a square shape and press the edges to form a crease.

Step 8: Make folds

Place your paper down (it should resemble a diamond) and fold the bottom point bringing it up to meet the top point.

Step 9: Repeat for the other flap

Press along the edges to make a fold that looks like a triangle.

Step 10: Convert the triangle into a diamond shape

Place your thumbs into the opening at the bottom of the paper. Slowly pull your thumbs apart, pulling the paper as you go. A diamond is made. Press the edges to make creases.

Step 11: Pull & Voila!

You can see two triangles on either side. Start at the top and gently pull the two sides apart. As you do so, the paper opens up into a boat shape. Adjust the paper if needed to shape up and then pinch along the bottom edges to make a fold on each side.

Your paper boat is ready!!! Float away. Oh, and you can add a few toys in your boat and send them on a joy ride too 😀

Kagazi: A hand playing with a blue colour paper boat
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Kagazi: Two blue colour paper boats with flowers in it in water
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  • Make many boats and thread them together to make a marine wall backdrop.
  • Arrange a party for kids where each kid can pick these boats. What’s the surprise? Fill them with chocolates, gems etc.
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