DIY: Paper Chain Cake Topper

A fun DIY cake topper you're going to love!

Close up shot- pink-blue paper chain cake topper on white cake with blue party banner behind
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This cute DIY Paper Chain Link topper is one of the best cake topper ideas we’ve come across, and it fits all occasions perfectly! It’s totally adorable and so easy to make you might just want to keep going! Keep scrolling to see how you can make this paper chain link cake topper at home!


  • Coloured cardstock sheets
  • Craft glue 
  • A pair of scissors
  • Measuring scale
  • Pencil
  • 2 Bamboo skewers


STEP 1: Material Set-Up

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  • The paper chain link cake topper is a combination of pink and blue  individual mini-paper pipes.
  • Depending on your preference, you can either make them out of different colours or stick to one.
  • We went with pink and blue coloured cardstock papers.

STEP 2: Cut thin paper strips

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  • To begin, cut all the cardstock sheets measuring 18 cm X  5 cm. 
  • Cut out strips with size 0.5 cms, from each of the sheets.

STEP 3: Make a paper chain

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  • Once you’ve made a bunch of strips, start sticking one end of a single strip to another, forming a short pipe.

STEP 4: Make chain link

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  • Take another strip and run it through the above one to create a linked pipe.

STEP 5: Make paper chain garlands

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  • Repeat this process for all the strips until you form a chain.
  • Run each side of the paper chain link through a bamboo skewer.
  • Clip each side to the skewer using a wooden clip, to prevent them from falling.
Pink-Blue paper chain cake toppers on white cake pink party crockery blue party banner in background
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pink-white bunny party hats pink paper chain cake toppers party banners part crockery in background
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  • You can make strips of larger size and make a long chain link garland and decorate window, tables, outdoor and also use it as a backdrop.


  • Using a ruler, mark equal spots from either side of the cake top.
  • A slight off centre placement works best.
  • Place the 2 bamboo skewers right above the mark and decide the arch that works.
  • Also decide the height of the cake topper. If the bamboo skewer is too long, then trim them using a sharp blade.
  • Once done, secure the other end of the tassel garland to the other bamboo skewer.
  • Adjust the shape and spacing. Now your DIY Paper Chain Link Cake Topper is ready!


  • Stand in front of the cake at the eye level of the cake topper.
  • Hold the ends of the bamboo skewers over the 2 marked spots.
  • Slowly and carefully, push them down to get the required height and arch.
  • TIP: Take your time with this step. The cake could get damaged if you keep pushing it in and out. Also, the cake topper won’t hold well.
  • Stand back and admire your beautiful creation! 🙂
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