DIY: Fluffy yarn pom pom bookmark

Colourful, happy and oh-so-fluffy pom pom bookmarks!

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What’s more hygge that cozying up with a book? A pom-pom bookmark to go in your book, when you doze off while reading! These DIY yarn Pom Pom Bookmarks are so easy to make and add this simple but unique spot of personalisation to your books too!  Get making this fun DIY for the ultimate book accessory, especially the ones that come with a whole lot of nail biting!

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  • Woollen Yarn Roll
  • Pom pom maker
  • Pair of Scissors
  • Paper cutter
  • Thick Square cardstock card


STEP 1: Material Set-Up

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  • Depending on the size of the pom-poms you’re looking to make, choose the corresponding pom-pom maker.

STEP 2: Roll the yarn

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  • Start rolling the yarn around both ends of the maker, making about 3 – 4 layers depending on the thickness of the pom-pom you want.

STEP 3: Cut yarn along the curve

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  • Once you’re done rolling on both sides, cut the loose yarn out and tie a knot to secure it on both sides.
  • Close the pom pom maker and cut it, using a cutter.

STEP 4: Fasten with a long yarn

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  • Take 3 equal lengths of yarn. We will use this to fasten a braid
  • Loop and fasten it around the pom pom maker
  • The loose end of the yarns should measure around 30 cm.
  • You can adjust this length based on your preference / the size of the book you’re making the bookmark for
  • Release the pom pom from the pom pom maker.

STEP 5: Fasten a braid

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  • Braid the loose end yarn and tie a knot at the end.
  • Leave a tiny portion of it unbraided towards the end.
  • We will use it to secure the tassel.

STEP 6: Make a yarn tassel

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  • For the tassel, wrap yarn around a square  cardstock card of length 8 cm and width of 8 cms.
  • Cut along the top edge of the tassel, while holding the bottom edge
  • While firmly holding one edge of the tassel and slide the cardboard piece out
  • Carefully lay the rolled yarn on a flat surface.

STEP 7: Secure the tassel

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  • Attach the tassel to the braided pom pom
  • Use the loose end to secure the tassel
  • Cut another piece of yarn and tie it about 2 cms from the top of the tassels. Secure it tightly with a knot.

STEP 8: Trim pom poms and tassels

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  • Trim all the loose threads off of the bookmark
  • You’re reading pretty now!
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Ta-dah! Your prize-winning bookmark is ready! Be ready to hear all aww’s and ooh’s when this one comes out of your book.


  • Include these in school projects for bonus points 😉
  • Style them with a stack of books on a table or a bookshelf with this pretty bookmark hanging out
  • Pretty pom pom flowers in vase! Secure them with bamboo skewers. The braid can be rolled around the skewer and. Voila!
  • Customize those tiny gift boxes for a little extra festive cheer with these Pom Pom Bookmarks!
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