DIY: Yarn pom pom bunting

Christmas feels with these pom pom garlands!

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Here at the myhoogah HQ, we’ve been daydreaming about Christmas (all the time). These colourful DIY pom-pom buntings have been on our mind to add to the Christmas cheer!

They’re so adorable, you could work them into birthday celebrations or even do up a bland wall. 

These handmade pom pom ball garlands are very easy to make. They can be reused (because you’ll want to) for any festive decor!

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  • 1 Woollen yarn roll
  • Pom pom maker
  • Paper cutter 
  • Pair of scissors
  • Sewing needle 
  • Cotton thread roll


STEP 1: Material Set-Up

Yarn roll, two pom-pom makers, cutter, pencil, cotton thread, scissors and a ruler laid out
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  • Decide the colour palette of your the pom-poms! We went with orange, and yellow. 
  • If you’re making this for Christmas, then you might want to try red and green.

STEP 2: Make pom poms

STEP 3: Trim the pom poms

Red-yellow yarn pompoms with extra thread strewn around
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Two hands cutting loose an extra pompom thread
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  • Once you’ve made your pom-poms, cut out the loose thread off of each piece. 

STEP 4: Run thread through pom pom

Red-yellow pompoms strewn around
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Two hands running a threaded needle through a red pom
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  • Trim the pom-poms, and start inserting a needled thread through it.

STEP 5: String pom pom garland

Two hands running a threaded needle through a red pom
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Two hands running a threaded needle through red-yellow pompoms
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  • Repeat the process until you’ve strung all the pom-poms through the cotton thread or twine.
  • Once you threaded every pom pom, secure the bunting on to a nail on the wall or use double-sided tape to stick it. 

STEP 6: The pom pom bunting is ready!

Red-yellow pompoms strung on a thread
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  • Voila. Super cute, colourful pom pom buntings are ready.
  • Make them multicoloured or a single palette.
  • Play around with the patterns and sizes. Add some oomph with tassels.
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  • Brighten up your home decor – door hangings, garden decor, wall decor
  • Garland buntings will brighten up your kids room decor and nursery decor
  • Buntings are perfect for party decorations: birthday parties, baby showers.
  • Go red and orange pom pom garlands for Harry Potter theme DIY party
  • Hang the pom pom cheer on the christmas trees
  • Mix it up with some paper flowers, tissue paper crafts, etc.
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