DIY: Green palm foliage arrangement

It's a zen hoogah moment. Just pause!

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Perfect minimal table setting, this arrangement is one of a kind as we used no florals for this one! Exploring silhouettes of various palms we decided to let the quirky shapes of the leaves and the stems speak for themselves! A quiet powder pink vase held all of them in place to make for a beautiful sight.

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  • 1 bunch – Dracaena Mahatma
  • 1 bunch –  Dracaena Reflexa ( Song of India )
  • 1 bunch – Bird of Paradise leaves
  • 1 bunch – Philodendron Xanadu


  • 1 no. – Ceramic bouquet vase
  • Floral clippers
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  • Clean the vase and the ferns and prep them for the arrangement. 
  • Given the organic forms of the leaves, allow the shapes to flow into one another.
  • Fill the vase with sufficient water and lay out the stems in their respective bunches.
  • Place the Bird of Paradise leaves on one side of the vase giving it considerable height. 
  • Next, carefully tuck in branches of the Dracaena Mahatma such that they delicately reach over the brim of the vase. 
  • Dot in the Philodendron Xanadu stems in the intermediate gaps.
  • Finally add a couple of bunches of Song of India near the mouth of the vase to add just a  bit of texture and volume. 
  • Turn the vase around to make sure the arrangement is collated all around. 
  • Place the vase in a way that emphasises its best side!
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  • The local flower market vendors may not know these greens by the names as listed here. So it works best to go in with pictures for easy recognition or pick up the variety of tropical greens that are available in your flower market! They will work great too!
  • Balance the height of the tall ones by adding more bunches of Song of India towards the rim of the vase so the arrangement doesn’t look disproportionate.
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  • We can see this making its way to your bedside table and even your study table should you not find it too distracting!
  • Its the perfect minimalistically extra arrangement we could come up with! So for those who love the balance, will love this for sure!
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