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Heather Lawson
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Hola, I’m Heather Lawson. I am a reading space cadet! Scroll on to know what my hoogah is and how I’m dealing with COVID times. 🙂


When I hear the word ‘happy,’ I think of stepping outside in the bright sun, and into a garden full of colourful flowers, with a book in hand. 

I love books. I could spend my whole day reading, and I LOVE visiting bookstores and libraries.

In fact, three of my simple joys include listening to funny podcasts, potting a new plant, and you guessed right! Reading! 

If my life was a book, it would be called ‘The Reading Life,’ or ‘Events That Interrupted My Reading’.

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The most spontaneous thing I ever did was get married!!

The quirky thing about me is that I laugh out loud, really loudly, and at my own thoughts! I’ve been told I also laugh in my sleep, haha! 😉

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I love spending time with my family, having long conversations – and arguments – on just about anything and everything there is to talk or argue about.

Sweets are my guilty pleasure. I just can’t help it – I’ve always had a sweet tooth.

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I’m really grateful for everything in my life, and everything that has ever happened to me that has guided me in the direction I’m going in. 

Also, thank you Nandini, Melissa and Stacy for being my speed dial. I love that I can call you whenever and wherever.

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The best advice I ever received was that I should be happy and enjoy myself no matter what I do in life.

If I had only 10 years to live, I’d spend it in a library, reading. Obviously.

Dear 15 year old self… it gets better – it really does!

Dear 60 year old self… it could have been worse!

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Favourite Movies:

  • Be Kind Rewind
  • North and South
  • Children of Men
  • Desk Set

Favourite Books:

  • Middlemarch
  • Persuasion
  • Country of the Pointed Firs
  • Air
  • Deep Secret

Favourite Songs:

Anything without lyrics, weirdly! Saint Saens, Jack Rose, and anything with a piano or guitar.

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Favourite Fairytale:

Horrible, violent stories featuring helpless or homicidal women and jerk men. Can’t stand fairytales. Even as a kid, I hated most of them, especially the Disney ones, weirdly. The princess thing went right over my head. 

I only liked the Robin Hood, Paul Bunyan and John Henry folk stories as a kid. And my childhood heroes were all real people like Harriet Tubman or Marie Curie. Ladies make their own adventures! They don’t sit around in towers waiting for anybody. 

The only thing close to a fairytale I told and read to my niece and nephew is The Iron Man by Ted Hughes. A great story, and a great cartoon! 

So many better stories out there. Down with fairytales!


My favourite childhood memories revolve around all the trips I’d take with my dad.

The memory of having tea at the Pump Room in Bath, England, makes me all warm and fuzzy.

When I was younger, I loved visiting my grandparents. It was always so much fun – I loved polishing the silver before Christmas, drinking wine from a glass tumbler at a much too young age, and hearing all the exciting but scandalous family stories.

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During this pandemic, I’ve found pockets of happiness in reading (no surprise there!), and any form of physical distraction, such as gardening, or exercise. 

I haven’t really tried to learn any new skills because I have plenty to do with what I have, and there’s no need to add to the mess in my head, or in my to-do pile, but I’ve been spending my time crocheting my first sweater! 

Lots of counting!

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The toughest thing for me during the lockdown is the inability to make plans ahead of time, and I start feeling low every now and then, but I find comfort in reading beloved books when that happens.

A surprisingly happy outcome of the lockdown is the fact that I have plenty of time to water all my plants and grow many from the seeds. I now have a very green garden, and I love it!

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The only advice I’d give to everyone during these tough times, would be to listen to the experts and follow their advice. And if you are an expert in anything, share your advice with the team!

Also, respect knowledge and science, now more than ever. It could literally save your life!

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