We heart Jasmine Rae: Jasmine Rae Cakes

Bringing the 'movement movement' in cake design

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San Francisco, USA

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Jasmine specialises in creating an ethereal movement in her cake design. She pushes the science of materials to create amazing textures, surfaces and designs. ! The cakes feel so alive, that you wanna name them! More power to you Jasmine.

About Jasmine Rae

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Jasmine Rae’s cake design exhibits personality and authenticity which she believes is strengthened by her knowledge of psychology.  As she says, “The cornerstone of my work is the natural process—relying on experienced skills to set up my materials and revel in their surprise; to surrender to the contortion of a rice paper petal as it dries; and constantly be responding to the cake as it forms. “


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We love the manipulation of the delicate rice paper. The ebb and flow movements feel magical and alive.

Wilted beauty

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Wilted, you say? We call it ageing gracefully!

Charred textures

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A textured cake with scars, wounds, et all. Little misfit?? What’s that?

Images via: IG/Jasmine Rae Cakes

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