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I love making cakes. It's what I was meant to do

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Brisbane, Australia

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Marina Machado’s cake art is inspired by the trails of nature.  She incorporates a beautiful movement to her art –  inspired by ocean waves, sea spray, windblown fallen leaves—full of contrast, texture and muted hues.

Marina’s cakes are works of delectable, edible art—as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside. All of her creations express a dedication to perfection in taste and presentation.

About Marina Machado

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Marina Machado has wonderful memories growing up in the rural heartland of Brazil where food is made lovingly from scratch. It’s an all-day communal affair, where stories are shared with family, friends and farmhands while splitting peas or stirring great pots of stew or making compotes and jams. 

From studying business to moving to Le Cordon Bleu to study french cuisine, to making pastries at Mandarin Oriental, one of the great pastry kitchens of London, she has travelled quite a trail herself.

Marina Machado’s inspiration to create beautiful desserts comes from the aesthetic of nature. Finding a connection to her edible art brings her unbridled joy. As she says, she is meant to be here! 

Stone stunned

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Cake designed as chunks of stone – earthen raw textures, crumbling forms, soft yet strong, dramatic yet refined, ornate yet undone. 

Raw and foraged

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And the light is a killer on this shot! The foraged stag horn leaf from her garden with skeleton ends and the colour of the cake – the result is a masterpiece!


Chaotic cyclone

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A full formation of a cyclone –  that has the eye of the storm, full of fear and strength, sweeping up the leaves with rage and no mercy! 

Images via: IG/marinamachadocakes

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