Focused, top view of a sliced lemon and cucumber peels, with the glass of cucumber basil lemonade in a blur.
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Call it cucumber infused water or detox water or spa water! It’s not in the name. It’s in that, oh so refreshing taste!

Lemon and mint is a combination you cannot go wrong with – ever and rightly so! So this rendition of an infused water is delightfully delicious and a perfectly balanced drink.

Two glasses of cucumber basil lemonade with cucumber slices as garnish. A potted vase with white flowers, cucumber peels, sliced lemon and a half-filled jar of lemonade is in the background.
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Cucumber infused water with lemon and mint add familiar and refreshing bursts of flavour in each sip of this myhoogah favourite. Just a few stripes of thinly cut cucumber elevate the flavours to present a rounded taste. Try it, you’ll love it!

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Cucumber + Lemon + Mint Infused Water

Course: Drinks
Prep Time: 10 minutes
10 minutes



  • 2-3 Lemon (thinly sliced )
  • 2-3 sprig Fresh Mint / Pudina
  • 1 English Cucumbers (cut into ribbons )
  • 1 ltr Water


  • 2-3 Lemon (thinly sliced )
  • 2 sprig Fresh Mint / Pudina
  • 2-3 pieces English Cucumbers (cut into ribbons )



  • Vegetables are generally sprayed with chemicals   
  • We would often use the rind, zest or add the whole lemon or cucumber for the infusion  
  • Hence, always invest in high quality, organic and ripe fruits


  • Clean the lemon & cucumber under cold water, brush off any dirt using a brush
  • Dry it completely using a dry towel or a paper towel
  • Pick out any rotten or dry leaves from the mint sprig
  • Wash mint sprigs also under cold running water, making sure the leaves are not damaged
  • Shake off any excess water and lay them on a paper towel to dry


  • To make the ribbons, trim off both the ends using a knife
  • Use a vegetable peeler to carefully slice the cucumber lengthways into long, thin ribbons
  • When you reach the seed core, turn over and start peeling
  • Discard the core or you can even eat them
  • Since the cucumbers are cut into thin strips, they would not last too long
  • If you would like to store the infused water for longer, then cut the cucumbers as roundels


  • Cut the lemon into half, and then slice it into thin pieces. Keep it aside
  • You can use the whole mint sprig for infusion or just add the leaves


  • In a large glass pitcher, place around 2-3 lemon slices, or 5-6 cucumber ribbons  
  • Add a few mint sprig in it. Pour one-liter water in the glass jug  
  • Refrigerate the infused water for min 30 minutes (atleast), before consuming  
  • If you don’t like having your water chilled, then leave the jug at room temperature  
  • If using infused water bottle, the water will infuse quickly. Add some ice cubes and enjoy. Keep refilling them through the day  


  • You can use the leftover fruit slices for garnish 
  • Cut the lemon into wedges or semi circles and place them at the rim of your glass and serve 
  • Or you can simply place a clean and washed mint sprig if you are a complete fan of the flavour. 
Two glasses of cucumber basil lemonade with cucumber slices as garnish. A potted vase with white flowers, cucumber peels, sliced lemon and a half-filled jar of lemonade is in the background.
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  • Cucumber infused water is a healthy alternative to soda or other carbonated beverages! Whip this up in your water bottle and carry it around with you. 

  • Summer picnics with friends? Bring this instead of store-bought juices. 

  • Add in sparkling water to spruce up your drink   

  • Use a drop of stevia to add a little bit of sweetness, but remember to keep it healthy  

  • 1/2 Teaspoon of lemon zest is optional if you like the bitterness   

  • Adding a couple of spoons of cucumber juice will enhance the flavour   

  • Try other combinations with Cucumber like fresh kiwi, strawberry, watermelon and herbs like rosemary and basil

  • It works greatly for improving the body metabolisms

  • Drinking cucumber infused water in regular intervals will reduce cravings

  • Helps flush toxins out of the body

  • Helps in easy digestion of the food from the body 

  • Look for cucumbers that are bright green without any yellow spots 

  • Cucumbers needs to be firm without any blemishes or dark spots 

  •  Avoid the ones that have wrinkles in the skin 

  • English cucumber taste delicious with the peel, while for the local ones you can remove the peel and use

  • You can refill the cucumber infused water through the day  (let it sit atleast for 30 mins)

  • At the end of the day you can either eat the vegetable or toss out  

  • If you want to keep it longer, remove the fresh cucumber, lemon and rosemary after several hours and add a lid to the pitcher.  

  • Keep a bottle of chilled water ready for infusion or keep some ice 

  • Squeeze the lemon to have some concentration ready to speed up your infusion  

  • Keep lemon rinds peeled ahead for infusion to give an extra flavour of bitterness 

  • You can juice your cucumber as well and keep it ready

  • Clean all your veggies and herbs ahead and pat dry them 

  • Cut all your garnishes ahead-washed and place it in a bowl, covered & refrigerated

  • Best served chilled (recommended) or with ice cubes

  • If using outdoors, place the glass pitcher in an ice bath

  • Use glass pitchers with lids that will help you strain out the infusions 

  • Use everyday water glasses or balloon shaped water glasses to serve

  • Refrigerate the infused water in glass bottles or jars itself for easy consumption 

  • Always cover the infused water with a lid

  • If open pitcher, use a cling film. This will help avoid any residual smells into the infused water from the refrigerator 

  • Remove the lemon or the rind after 4 or more hours so that it does not dominate the flavour  

  • Add garnishes just before service

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