Nayana Subramanya, you do you!

You have a choice to leave unhappy. Take it!

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Hola! I’m Nayana Subramanya. I’m only 21 yrs young and from Bengaluru. My friends say that I’m friendly, caring & a smart cookie on the block. Not that I’m disagreeing 😉


When I think “Happy”, I think
Balloons, ice-cream & sunshine

myhoogah.. in 3 words
Music, dogs & sky

My gratitude jar thanks
Everything in my life

Coz happiness is… childhood memories
Riding my cycle through a park trail

My warm fuzzy, food memory
The first time I tried Milano ice-cream

Thank you, my speed dial peeps!
Meghana, Afnan & Aditi

Thank you, for this unforgettable act of kindness!
The librarian let me take books from the library’s book sale, coz it was ending soon

Happiest when doing this with my fam!
We eat food together

Pick-me-up-anytime tunes
Tubthumping by Chumbawamba
Lamberghini by The Doorbeen
Udd Gaye by Ritviz

My fav memory with my grandparents
Visiting my grandmom every weekend

Best advice ever, period!
You can’t help people who don’t want to be helped

I’m quirky & I love it
I’m really strict when it comes to my to-do lists and daily schedules

My simple joys..
Watching the sunset; listening to new indie music; playing scrabble with my mom

An all-time guilty pleasure
Teen drama shows

When I feel low..
I watch a funny show, text my friends

I’ve got only 10 years to live. How will I live it?
I’d travel extensively and fall in love

If my life was a book, it’d be called
Window to my soul (because my name is Nayana, which means eyes :P)

I’m learning something new
Spanish classes, trying new recipes

The most spontaneous me, so far!
Ride to Turahalli forest on a two-wheeler with my best friend

Dear 15-year-old self..
You have a choice to leave what makes you unhappy, take it.

Dear 60-year-old self..
I’m trying to give you a life without regrets

An all-time favourite quote
Inhale lots of love in, exhale lots of love out

My all-time favourite books
The Unbearable Lightness of Being; Stardust; The Awakening

My all-time favourite movie

My all-time favourite game
Every board game

My all-time favourite fairytale
Beauty & the Beast


The biggest lesson I learnt
Life is unpredictable. What matters is the present

An unexpected happy lockdown outcome
I’ve strengthened old friendships & made new ones

Found it tough to deal with
Sometimes, it was hard dealing with my parents. (psst: I love them a lot!)

A new lockdown skill
I started practising yoga regularly. I feel more at peace. Flexibility is a bonus! 

During lockdown, I find my pockets of hoogah
Practising piano; watching sunsets in silence & yoga

Let’s beat Covid together!
Try clinging on to hope, it’s our best weapon against fear. This time sucks, but do everything in your power to make it suck a little less

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