Note to self: Your tiny hoogah reminders

Self love is not selfish. What's your note to self today?

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In case you’re here, it’s a sign from the universe that you need to cut loose and chill. There’s just no other way to say it – prioritize yourself!  Psst – it’s for your eyes only! 

Instead of the preachy life quotes, we thought of serving the self help motivation myhoogah way. So, here’s a no-nonsense, straight up notes for you. Go, get some today and everyday!


Nature's palette party!

Watch the sunset - Note to self quotes | myhoogah
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Life’s too short to miss a sunset peeps! No sunset is ever the same because no day is ever the same.

So take your time, grab an ice-cream lolly and watch nature painting away!

You snooze. You win.

Sleep tight - Note to self quotes | myhoogah
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Get into bed early and pick up those dreams right where you left them off this morning. Or you could even dream a new dream!

Catch all the Zzz’s you’d want so when you wake up, you’re ready to kick butt – all day, every day!

Squish squish!

Hug your kids - Note to self quotes | myhoogah
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So annoying but yes, everyone knows you’d give your life for them. Including the little monsters themselves.

So hug them while you still want to – once the day begins, you’ll be wishing school hours went longer!

So, you look like Sloppy Joe!

Stay in pyjamas - Note to self quotes | myhoogah
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While we’re sure Sloppy Joe is yumm, are you looking like one? Rock this look, we say!

Go for the ratty but comfy jammies, a top knot and endless snacks. Happy jamming!

Always the right answer.

Go for a walk - Note to self quotes | myhoogah
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Happy? Take a walk! Sad? Take a walk. Feeling meh? You guessed it – take a walk.

Nothing like a good walk to make happy days happier and the other days much better. So when in doubt? Always take a walk!

Crunch crunch!

Eat an apple - Note to self quotes | myhoogah
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An apple a day keeps the doctor away. But if the doctor is cute ?? 

Nothing like the crisp sound of biting into a red juicy apple and the sudden burst of juice to lighten your heart. 

It’s one of the profound joys of life and we don’t care if you think we’re exaggerating. Happy crunching!

Don't be thirsty, get some!

Drink water - Note to self quotes | myhoogah
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Calm down – we meant water. As kids we thought tea was cool. Then as young teens, we thought coffee was cool.

Then we thought alcohol was cool. (Remember those nights? Yep, we don’t either.)

Now that we’re actually adults – we’ve settled on a vote. Water is the only cool drink. Period.

If you need a note, we're judging you.

Call your mom - Note to self quotes | myhoogah
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Please call your mom bro. She didn’t carry you for nine months, put up with your snotty self and sent you money ‘just in case’ – for you to forget all about her.  So call her every day. 

And if that’s not enough? They come with an expiry date. Ouch! Sounds crass? Not calling is worse.

Your bunions smell like onions.

Soak your feet - Note to self quotes | myhoogah
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Do yourself (and us) a favor and soak your feet. Scrub them, trim your toenails and dry them on soft white towels. Happy soaking!

Naps that send you straight to 2050!

Catch a nap - Note to self quotes | myhoogah
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Nothing like planning a 40 minute nap and then waking up 7 hours later. So your laundry can take a hike, you catch those 40 winks!

My bae, best bae!

Meet your bae - Note to self quotes | myhoogah
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Unless your bae is salt bae. In that case throw the whole person away.

Get in a date night, some cosy time and some cuddles. It’ll help you smile at them even when they’re making a mess and getting on your every last nerve!

If it ain't making you happy, cream it.

Get an ice-cream - Note to self quotes | myhoogah
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And if you can’t do that, ice-cream is exempt. Nothing makes us happier than a big scoop of chocolate ice-cream.

Except for maybe two big scoops. And if you relate, well, go buy some!

As many times as you possibly can.

Hit snooze - Note to self quotes | myhoogah
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 Until you see the time and go, ‘oh cr#p’ and hit the floor running. But those 15 minutes of broken sleep? Always pure bliss.

And not when they're talking, please!

Kiss your love - Note to self quotes | myhoogah
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Promise them that you’re taking them out. Kiss them. A lot. They’re most precious, most annoying people you know and deserve all the kisses you can give. Now!

Murder is illegal. So breathe.

Take a deep breath - Note to self quotes | myhoogah
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If only the jail time went away with the problem. Sigh. But since we can’t do that – breathe. We promise you, things always look much better after exactly ten deep breaths.

It's dirty! And not in the fun way.

Dust your shelf - Note to self quotes | myhoogah
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Get a rag and get dusting. Accumulating dirt still won’t kick-start your goldmine!

It's all about petrichor.

Smell fresh rain - Note to self quotes | myhoogah
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We, the responsible adults and members of society, are now hooked to the smell of rain. 

Incidentally did you know it’s called petrichor? Now that you’ve enriched your vocab, go enjoy the weather!

Oh, those puppy eyes!

Cuddle your pet - Note to self quotes | myhoogah
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Your pet deserves more than below average pet food and ten hours alone. 

So for all the time you leave them alone while you’re at work, you had better come back and make it up to them!

With extra butter. Thank us for it.

Make hot popcorn - Note to self quotes | myhoogah
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The best kind of snacks are hot, buttery and accompany movies.

Grab a bag, your partner/ your pet/ your kid or all of them, put on a movie and chill!

Anyone who criticizes can take a hike.

Play your mixtape - Note to self quotes | myhoogah
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Music sets the vibe for a tribe and anyone who doesn’t agree with it can beat their own drum.

So hit the start button and get grooving – you’ve earned it!

Get that (vitamin) D!

Soak some sun - Note to self quotes | myhoogah
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Ah, the feel of warm sunshine on one’s face!

So the next time the sun’s absolutely glorious, sneak away for 5 minutes and get those golden hour selfies!

No, they're not chick flicks.

Watch a romcom - Note to self quotes | myhoogah
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And you should watch them anyway because they’re fun, reaffirming and make you feel cute!

We recommend ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ for all the cute feels!

If you twist it all in one go, you're a monster.

Pop bubblewrap - Note to self quotes | myhoogah
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Take the time to pop them one at a time. It’s the ultimate stress buster.

If you don’t agree with us, we can’t be friends. But if you do, get a sheet and get popping!

Agatha Christie books are out!

Read a mystery - Note to self quotes | myhoogah
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Nothing like a twisted little mystery to sink your teeth into when things are slow and you need to feel tingly!

So get some snacks and get your blanket, it’s time to find out whodunit!

Tbh, nothing else is worth blowing.

Blow bubbles - Note to self quotes | myhoogah
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Lie back on a grassy field with the sun on your face and a bubble tube by your side. 

That’s it. Have fun!

You shouldn't be reading this!

Get off your phone - Note to self quotes | myhoogah
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No really, just give your phone a break. You could go skydiving too, just don’t take your phone along. 

Go forth and don’t post!

We recommend skinny dipping!

Go for a swim - Note to self quotes | myhoogah
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But even otherwise, swimming is fun! So take all your stress and jump into a pool. 

When you’re done with your swim, remember to leave your worries to drown!

Brownie points if you splash your friend!

Jump into a puddle - Note to self quotes | myhoogah
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Nothing like the squish squish of wet shoes to swish swish your inner bish.

Add to that the glare of a muddy friend and you’ve given yourself the perfect day!

Splash it with some Irish.

Sip hot chocolate - Note to self quotes | myhoogah
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You can make anything more delicious with a dash of whiskey. Hot chocolate is no exception.

And the best part? If you put it in a sippy cup, it’s always a secret happy hour. Happy sipping!

Worth getting on your back for!

Check out the clouds - Note to self quotes | myhoogah
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A lot has been written about clouds drifting lazily by and for good reason.

Gentle reminder to invest in a solid picnic blanket and take pencil in an hour or two from time to time to dreamily stare at the clouds passing by!

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