DIY: Tropical orange gladioli flower arrangement

Of sun, tropics and a bright orange bunch of absolute happiness!

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While floral decor for themed parties may seem like a lot of work, they actually are a lot of fun to design! With a set colour palette you only have to pick out the right flowers for that perfect statement piece! Putting together an arrangement of different flowers of the same colour brings out the texture and shape that is unique to each of them and is always a bright colour pop against a subtle background.

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  • 10 stems – Roses (orange)
  • 10 stems – Gladiolus (orange)
  • 10 stems – Carnations (orange)


  • 1 no. – Wide column vase
  • Floral clippers
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  • Clean and prep the glass vessel and flowers using our step by step guide. 
  • Fill the vase with sufficient water and lay out the flowers in their respective bunches. 
  • Start with putting in the sturdiest flower, in this case, the roses. Place them in sporadically and at different heights. 
  • Next, put in the long-stemmed gladiolus such that they define the structure of the arrangement by echoing the highest points in the setup. The striking green stems of the gladioli stand out in contrast to the bright orange of the blooms. 
  • Finally, dot in the carnations to add volume and fill up the arrangement. Place some close to the rim such that they tumble over the edge of the vase. 
  • Put in a couple more rose stems to wrap up the arrangement and to fill in any visible gaps.
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  • Turn the vase around often as you work through the arrangement. This helps in making the arrangement less front heavy and more balanced throughout. 
  • Change the water in the vase everyday as the arrangement holds a lot of flowers. 
  • Make sure there are no leaves under water.
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  • Experiment single colour arrangement with different hues! Look up our yellow and purple palette for inspiration!
  • Since the flowers are the focal point, keep the surrounding set up minimal so the flowers shine through!
  • Make smaller versions of the arrangements in tiny vases using just the roses and the carnations for side tables and book shelves.
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