Prerana Sinha, you do you!

Ah... Those cringeworthy T.V shows. Absolute guilty pleasure 😉

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Hola! I’m Prerana Sinha. I’m 25, and from Dubai, and I’m either usually introverted, or super eccentric. So you’ve caught me at a great time!


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When I hear the word ‘happy,’ I always think of food, of sleep, and most importantly, of friends. I’m truly happy when I’m going on adventures with friends, and traveling to new places and doing new things.


Speaking of new things, one of the most spontaneous things I’ve ever done is be a guest speaker for a live talk. That was something I’d never experienced before.

The quirky thing about me is that I absolutely love everything about myself [Call it narcissism?]

Really, if my life was a book, I’m pretty sure it’d be called ‘Odd One Out’.


I love the simple things in life: whether it’s spending time with family, having dinner together, or even watching cringeworthy T.V Shows and Videos. That’s such a guilty pleasure.

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I’m really grateful for all the people in my life, who’ve been there for me through thick and thin. I love how I can just talk to a friend if I’m ever low. Of course, I could also just cry it out or sleep, and I think it’s a great thing because that way, I’m in check with my own feelings, and I’m grateful that I’m stable in life, and in health.

I’m grateful for all my speed dial peeps who I can get in touch with if something’s wrong, and even more so when something’s right. Although, I’m not really a calling person – I prefer to text.

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The best advice I’ve ever heard of is: “Be nice, no matter what.”

If I had only 10 years to live, I would spend a majority of my time with friends and family, and do stuff that would be worthwhile, such as teaching, or helping people out.

Dear 15 year old self… Chill, relax and enjoy yourself, but also study a little.

Dear 60 year old self… Focus on yourself, don’t bother what others are doing!


Favourite Quote

“I have miles to go before I sleep.” – Robert Frost

Favourite Movies

  • Jab We Met
  • Queen
  • Tons of other Bollywood films like these
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Favourite Books

  • How to Heal your Life

  • The Power of Subconscious Mind

  • Secret

Favourite Songs

Any peppy Bollywood tracks.

Favourite Games

  • Sudoku

  • Carrom

  • Badminton

  • Basketball

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My favourite memories are from childhood. I’d get to play all day with no worries at all. My grandparents would constantly pamper me with food and love. I want them back 🙂

All my favourite memories of eating good food are around chicken dishes.


The biggest lesson I learned during this pandemic was that the perfect time to focus on myself and take care of my mental health.

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It might be tough at times to not be able to see my friends, but I get to spend more time with my family. I have gotten precious ‘me’ time, where I can start working on things that I’ve always wanted to pursue. 

I’ve been brushing up on old, forgotten and rusty skills, painting a lot more, and even doodling. I’ve even started a blog, and taken up a Psychology Project.

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I never had to go searching for my own pockets of happiness during the pandemic, because it was always with me. I’m always giving happiness the best shot.

If I had one thing to tell you about getting through COVID, it’s that you have to take care of yourself. You need to maintain perspective, and continuously build on your professional and personal skills, so that when it’s all over, you’re ready to start the next chapter of your life.

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