DIY: A stunning red rose floral arrangement

These reds & wines pair well with any and all!

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With its dreamy charm and perfectly layered petals, the rose is the most sought after answer for all things romantic! Pair it up with some fresh ruffled carnations and we have a winner!
The lovely tones of the red roses and carnations complement the velvety purple of the mums to make for a sight of pure decadence. Go ahead, make this stunning red rose floral arrangement.

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  • 10 stems – rose (red)
  • 10 stems – carnations (red)
  • 10 stems – chrysanthemums (wine)


  • 5 bunches – lemon leaves


  • 1 no. – Glass pedestal vase ( or a wide shallow vessel)
  • Floral clippers
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  • As is common to most floral arrangements clean and prep the glass vessel and flowers
  • Fill the vessel with sufficient water and lay out the flowers in their respective bunches
  • Start with the red roses. Clip them to be about 1.5 to 2 times the height of the vessel
  • Place them in the vessel, spreading them across the vessel. Allow the stems to take on their natural stature so if they fall over the rim, let them!
  • Next, introduce the red carnations to the bunch. Place them at random and turn around the vessel as you do so the arrangement is well rounded. 
  • Generously mix in the sprigs of lemon leaves. The green of the leaves is a relief from the bright spots of red as they fill up the vessel and willfully dangle over the edge.
  • Lastly, finish up by carefully adding in dashes of purple through the dainty mums
  • The arrangement is now complete with the roses and the reaching over while the mums shyly peep through the envelope of the green foliage
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  • Turn the vase around often as you work through the arrangement. This helps in making the arrangement less front heavy and more balanced throughout. 
  • Change the water in the vase everyday as this red rose floral arrangement holds a lot of flowers
  • Use gloves while working with the roses to avoid pricks
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  • Spruce up your dinner table arrangement with this striking red rose floral arrangement
  • Using shallow vessels of different materials like brass or white metal help set up more regal moods!
  • Letting the flowers age in the vessel leaves a rather rustic palette with time with deep maroons and mauves. And now you have a whole new arrangement to style your house or studio with!
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