Rock n Roll 60s: Retro Love Mixtape

“The 60s are gone, the rock n' roll will never be as great.” - Abbie Hoffman

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Calling all the rock n’ roll lovers!

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The 60s were the most revolutionary years for y’all. If you didn’t know this despite being alive back then, well, too bad. Can you imagine how epic witnessing an underground revolution would be?

In this decade, the traditional rock n roll of the ’50s merged into something of fresh, eclectic nature. Pop rock, psychedelic rock, blues rock and even RnB started to settle down like dust on the music-listenin’ masses.

Funk, a street concert, brew and a whole lotta soul – what a dream.

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Source: Unsplash

Inspiration is everywhere, and we at myhoogah believe that happiness can be derived from the simplest of things. Old souls all right, but there’s never any harm in celebrating joy, is there So here’s an attempt to transpose you back into the 60s, a decade full of love, soul and endless evolution in music.

We’ve curated a list of our favourite artists from all over the world and a ‘Top 50 songs’ playlist to set the buzz right.

Take a break from your routine and spin your own little dream for a bit. Think gingham and lace, pop art jewellery and tall colourful socks!

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Source: Unsplash


1. The Beatles, UK

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Immortal would be the right word to describe the trio! 

Did you know that they had trouble starting out? No one thought they would be liked by the masses! Well, too bad for whoever rejected them. Clearly, they were far out, even in their time.

2. The Mustangs, Madras

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It’s a proper talent stir-up from six cities, four countries and three continents. The now 65-year-old gentlemen were one of the first Indian rock bands.

They took the country for a spin with their spunky brand of blues, surf and rock. We love that in 2016, they came back together to rock the Indian underground scene, once again! 

Check out their song, ‘Escape’, here!

3. Bob Dylan

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Bob Dylan is quite simply one of the greatest literary artists of all time.  But did you know that he too, like The Beatles, wasn’t an overnight sensation?

When his debut album released 1962, its sales were quite low. However, his producer didn’t lose faith, and for good reason, right? 

So hang in there and have faith, folks! Don’t stop believing in your hoogah.

4. The Rolling Stones

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No one made blues more easy to listen to than The Rolling Stones! When you think of the band, you can almost hear their signature sound.

They made the blues popular within the rock n’ roll genre, merging it with the pop scene, but with their own identity. Now that’s authentic!

We love how much they enjoy performing, too – watching them live is a whole mood.

Watch them live here!

5. The Savages, Mumbai

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In 1967, ‘The Savages’ were born – one of the greatest rock bands of Mumbai that thousands remember even today, after five decades.

They had exceptional abilities at being the crowd pleasers. Go see for yourself what that was all about, here!

6. The Shirelles, New Jersey

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Do you ever feel ridiculously cheesy, and then have no idea what to do with all ’em feels? ‘Cause same. And The Shirelles cover exactly such emergencies. 

The American all-girl group was known for their rhythm, blues and soul music. They were named one of ‘The 100 Greatest Artists of All Time’ by the Rolling Stones magazine in 2004. 

Be prepared to find a lot of them in our Rock n’ Roll mixtape.

7. The Velvet Underground

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We all love a little edge, don’t we? This five piece from America touched upon the most uncommon themes in their songwriting.

They made honest, raunchy soundtracks. At the same time, they delved into the pop space. What we love the most about them is how unique, yet catchy and simple their music is.

The Velvet Underground has the perfect balance of avant-garde yet accessible!

8. Jimi Hendrix

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If you don’t play the guitar but envy Jimi Hendrix’s god-level guitar skills, you’re not alone. Even us guitarists feel like rookies when we hear him play.

A friend of Jimi’s said that he often slept with his guitar, and talked to it! They say his guitar was an extension of his arms.

He’s one of the greatest guitarists of all time, and an absolute essential in the 60s retro love mixtape.

9. Stevie Wonder

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“I’m just chillin’” – is the 70 year old legend’s favorite catchphrase.

Blind since shortly after birth, he is known as one of the most creative singer-songwriters of our time. At a young age of only 11 years old, he signed up with a record label. Perks of being a child prodigy! 

Something we find utterly amusing about Stevie Wonder is his master procrastination attitude. He arrived at his own lunchtime press conference six hours late! By that time, the press had eaten all the sandwiches and gone.

His records are late too, but that still didn’t stop him from being an iconic legend!

10. The Fentones, Shillong

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We call The Fentones an Indian mystery band. They made really good rock n’ roll music back in the 60s. They even won the All-India Simla Beat Award in 1970.

They made a track called ‘Simla Beat’, which an international review cited to beA genuinely strange rare psych compilation…the Indian groups collected here used transcendental silliness to mess with people’s heads…” 

But where did they go after that, and where are they now? Nobody knows.

What we do know for sure is that they had immense potential, and are definitely one of the most underrated Indian groups. We’ve included a few of their songs in our rock n’ roll mixtape. 

Here’s to rooting for their reunion, and more of the underground music scene in India!


Listen to our top 20 song picks from the 1960s now on Spotify!


  1. Simla Beat Theme – The Fentones
  2. Shake Your Hips – The Rolling Stones
  3. Pale Blue Eyes – The Velvet Underground
  4. Baby It’s You – The Shirelles
  5. I Just Called To Say I Love You – Stevie Wonder
  6. Purple Haze – Jimi Hendrix
  7. Blowin’ in the Wind – Bob Dylan
  8. Stand By Me – Ben E. King
  9. Paint It, Black – Aftermath
  10. Earth Angel – The Penguins
  11. Foolish Little Girls – The Shirelles
  12. I’m a Moody Guy – The Fentones
  13. Dream A Little Dream Of Me – Ella Fitzgerald, Count Baise
  14. Breaking Up Is Hard to Do – Neil Sadaka
  15. (What A) Wonderful World – Louis Armstrong
  16. Will You Love me Tomorrow – The Shirelles
  17. These Days – Nico
  18. California Dreamin’ – The Mamas & The Papas
  19. The End of the World – Skeeter Davis
  20. Bobby’s Girl – Marcie Blane
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