Rohit Chatterjee, you do you!

Dear 60, you aren't 60

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Hola! I’m Rohit Chatterjee. I’m only 41 yrs young and from Gurgaon. I’m a gregarious, eclectic and an adventurous human at heart. 


When I think “Happy”, I think
Rejuvenating, friends & encouraging

myhoogah.. in 3 words
Friends, nature & food

My gratitude jar thanks
My life, my friends, my family and the ability to be impulsive and not brood over past follies

Coz happiness is… childhood memories
The many places I lived in coupled with the inculcation of sports

My warm fuzzy, food memory
The time I discovered the best meat in Rio. A bloody good price that gave you some scrumptious and unlimited meat

Thank you, my speed dial peeps!
Sarosh Nanavaty, Natasha Katrak

Thank you, for this unforgettable act of kindness!
When my dad was ill, my ex-company readily issued a massive financial grant even without me asking for it. The support meted out even by easing my work and the presence of the senior most folks at that time is something that I will never forget.

Happiest when doing this with my fam!
Feel chuffed with some lively music, a spread of delicacies and random laughter which is accentuated by a good spread of malts. And this is 100 times better when done while travelling.

Pick-me-up-anytime tunes
Talk is Cheap by Chet Faker
Road to hell by Chris Rhea
Shotgun by George Ezra
Rhinestone Cowboy by Glen Campbell
Jambalaya by Pat Boone
All of Angus and Julia, Morcheeba Queen, Pink Floyd

My fav memory with my grandparents
The long drives in the car and the narration of stories from their younger days

Best advice ever, period!
Bash on regardless and never learn to regret

I’m quirky & I love it
Never learnt the meaning of the word regret and pick up and run

My simple joys..
Food, Music, Outdoors

An all-time guilty pleasure
Excess food

When I feel low..
I run or swim along with some pacey music

I’ve got only 10 years to live. How will I live it?
Travel the world like a traveler and not a tourist. Visit all those quaint places and discover the culture, music and food

If my life was a book, it’d be called
Easy like Sunday mornings

I’m learning something new
Spanish is what am learning

The most spontaneous me, so far!
Quit my job and travelled

Dear 15-year-old self..
It’s all good, just come along. To hell with what you didn’t do, it will all sort itself out, just do what you need to do

Dear 60-year-old self..
You aren’t sixty

An all-time favourite quote
Bash On Regardless

My all-time favourite books
The Book Thief
Bono vs Bono
The Client

My all-time favourite movie
Bitter Moon; Shutter Island; A Good Year; The Reader; Summer Holidays; Sound of Music; My Fair Lady; Fiddler on the Roof; Dead Poets Society; Catch Me if You Can; Pursuit of Happiness

My all-time favourite game
More a sports person so Rugby, football and Krav Maga

My all-time favourite fairytale
Jack and the Beanstalk
The Pied Piper


The biggest lesson I learnt
Life has been good and am damn blessed.

An unexpected happy lockdown outcome
Learning Spanish and honing the culinary skills.

Found it tough to deal with
Being alone

A new lockdown skill
Learning Spanish

During lockdown, I find my pockets of hoogah
Via cooking, music and much needed workout sessions.

Let’s beat Covid together!
Count your blessing, make use of this time to rediscover yourself and there by load yourself with new passions.

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