Saloni Das, you do you!

Oh, chips & chocolates! My Prrreccciiiouss!

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Hola! I’m Saloni Das. I’m only 28 yrs young and from Kolkata. Born into a Bengali family, I am an Aries woman who loves to eat and dreams of travelling the entire world (some day)!


When I think “Happy”, I think
Netflix, snacks & chocolates

myhoogah.. in 3 words
Hot tea, bringing a smile on my loved one’s face & rains

My gratitude jar thanks
My family & friends

Coz happiness is… childhood memories
Playing with my grandmother (who has left for heavenly abode now).

My warm fuzzy, food memory
It was last year, when four of our closest friends went for a quiet dinner after skipping a party at Sheraton.

Thank you, my speed dial peeps!
Shreya, Moinak, Agnibesh, Dipsha & Sahar

Thank you, for this unforgettable act of kindness!
I forgot to carry my wallet once. I offered the conductor my watch. Instead, he sweetly declined and let me travel without a ticket (good people do exist!)

Happiest when doing this with my fam!
It has to be all the Bengali traditions that we celebrate together as a family

Pick-me-up-anytime tunes
Destination by Nickle Creek
Hey There Delilah by Plain White T’s
Beautiful People by Ed Sheeran
Blinding Lights by The Weekend
Watermelon Sugar by Harry Styles
Sooraj Ki Bahoon Mein from ZNMD

My fav memory with my grandparents
Visiting them at my hometown, cooking and chatting with them. 🙂 

Best advice ever, period!
Never settle for anything less. Be kind, always!

I’m quirky & I love it
I randomly tend to shift from one topic to another (which most often, has no correlation at all :D)

My simple joys..
Tea, home garden & sunshine

An all-time guilty pleasure
Chips & chocolates

When I feel low..
When things don’t go as per the plan

I’ve got only 10 years to live. How will I live it?
Try out the best dishes at both local shops and restaurants; travelling the world without any fear & clicking beautiful nature pictures

If my life was a book, it’d be called
Through darkness & sunshine

I’m learning something new
Pasta in white sauce

The most spontaneous me, so far!
Pretending to be my mom over the phone

Dear 15-year-old self..
It’s okay to have failures. Never give up on yourself

Dear 60-year-old self..
You are young at heart. Always!

An all-time favourite quote
Something is better than nothing

My all-time favourite books
Three Thousand Stitches by Sudha Murthy
Night Train At Deoli by Ruskin Bond (his forever fan!)
Like the Flowing River by Paulo Coelho

My all-time favourite movie
Kuch Kuch Hota Hai / Kal Ho Na Ho
Schindler’s List

My all-time favourite game
Not a game person

My all-time favourite fairytale
Sleeping Beauty
Hansel & Gretel


The biggest lesson I learnt
Not everything is in our control, so let’s wait and watch

An unexpected happy lockdown outcome
My culinary skills

Found it tough to deal with
Staying without a job for straight 3 months

A new lockdown skill
 Trying the Mandala art therapy

During lockdown, I find my pockets of hoogah
By taking each day as it comes

Let’s beat Covid together!
Times are tougher than we think, hang in there! There is always light at the end of the tunnel.
Try out new things every day, have a goal of learning something new and if possible change your schedule every now and then to beat the monotony of lock down life.

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