Shamoeeta Mukherjee, you do you!

I hate fairytales. All of 'em

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Hola! I’m Shamoeeta Mukherjee. I’m only 22 yrs young and from Mumbai. I spend my days writing and being a dog mum! Trust me, it’s a full time job. 🙂


When I think “Happy”, I think
Sunday, summer & ice-cream

myhoogah.. in 3 words
Sleeping in, movies & beaches

My gratitude jar thanks
My family, my dog & my best friend

Coz happiness is… childhood memories
Long drives with my family

My warm fuzzy, food memory
Choco-vanilla sundaes

Thank you, my speed dial peeps!
Mom, aunt & Neel

Thank you, for this unforgettable act of kindness!
My English teacher who kept believing in me

Happiest when doing this with my fam!
Movie nights

Pick-me-up-anytime tunes
Chopin Nocturnes

My fav memory with my grandparents
Playing cards

Best advice ever, period!
If a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well or not at all

I’m quirky & I love it
My anxiety – always helps me double check things

My simple joys..
Sleeping in, swimming & cuddling with my dog

An all-time guilty pleasure
Julia Robert’s romcoms

When I feel low..
I blast Selena Gomez with a tub of ice cream

I’ve got only 10 years to live. How will I live it?
I’d adopt at least 5 more dogs

If my life was a book, it’d be called
A series of unfortunate events

I’m learning something new
Japanese & digital art

The most spontaneous me, so far!
Taken a trip to Turtuk

Dear 15-year-old self..
You’re not fat

Dear 60-year-old self..
If the knee pain doesn’t get better, go out tripping

An all-time favourite quote
Don’t have one

My all-time favourite books
Miss Peregrine’s home for peculiar children
Alice in Wonderland
The English Patient
The Tintin series

My all-time favourite movie
The Prestige
I Lost My Body
Ye Jawani Hai Deewani

My all-time favourite game
Cards against humanity & fishbowl

My all-time favourite fairytale
I really dislike them all


The biggest lesson I learnt
I really, really need to stop touching my face

An unexpected happy lockdown outcome
Loads of sleep

Found it tough to deal with
Learning to cook

A new lockdown skill
I started learning Japanese

During lockdown, I find my pockets of hoogah
I take a nap. If I don’t feel better, I take another nap.

Let’s beat Covid together!
Acknowledge your privilege

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