What is kagazi?

An ode to the familiar folds

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“Fold it straight. No, that’s not straight. Let me show you. Come here.”  Remember our first fold of paper?  

“Okay but fassst, let’s just see how it turned out!” That constant battle between perfect and finished?

A plain sheet of paper – is all it was. A few folds here, a few snips there, and voila – it turned into the most magical thing – a boat, plane, a kite, whatever you wanted it to be. We miss those magical moments of bliss so often!

They came filled with fuzzy, happy memories – summer at ajja’s, flying planes with friends, sailing boats in the puddle, playing forbidden chitter chatter under a bougainvillea canopy. Oh, and the stories that came along with it and stuck through. Absolute treasures! How many of them do you remember now?

Kagazi, is an ode to those nostalgic familiar folds. It’s a reminder that you don’t need childhood, time or space to relive those memories. Just a pause, to relive and reconnect. And to celebrate imperfection.

At myhoogah, we are very excited to take you down the memory lane. For as we curated this journey for you, this nostalgic edit helped us reconnect too. Be inspired by stories, recreate your memories. Are you fuzzy on how to make the paper crafts? We got you covered! 

Too old? What’s that? Age is just a number, my friend.

Make them on your own;
Play them with your friends;
Build traditions with your child;
Relive it with your naani!

But before you dive in, here’s one to keep in mind- we may be the ones taking you down this road, but the memories, stories and traditions that ignite- 

They are all yours. So today, let’s pause, make, celebrate;Here’s one to (the good kind of) crafty business!

PS. The folds from the first line were never meant to be perfect. Only familiar! 

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