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She grew a garden in her mind and transformed them into exquisite handmade Juliet garden roses, fruits and foliages.

Welcome to Winifred Kristé’s hauté edible wonderland!

About Winifred Kriste

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A self-taught cake designer & cake fanatic, Winifred Kristé is the founder of Winifred Kriste Cakes, and is based out of Singapore. She apprenticed at the legendary Maggie Austin Cake Studio before she launched her own couture cake studio.

Hand painted cakes and sugar flowers are the hallmarks of Winifred Kristé Cakes. From meticulous brush strokes to hand-made sugar flowers petals, these techniques are often used to adorn and amplify the beauty and elegance in every cake.

Martha Stewart’s dessert tables, Michelle Obama’s White House Christmas party – a few of her milestones. Keep chasing excellence, girl!

Not just purple

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Exquisite earthy sugar gumpaste berries. Complex and beautiful shades of purple has our heart!

Tropical vibes

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A stunning 4 tiered modern cake. We love how the almost real, tropical wafer paper painted monstera leaves and beautiful pink flowers envelop the cake. 

Rose garden

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Feels like an English garden. Oh, these beautiful sugar roses…so hoogah, sigh!

Images via:  IG/winifredkristecake

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