We heart Zeynep Yümlü: Mutlu Dukkan Cakes

'Happy Shop', delivering sweet happiness!

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Istanbul, Turkey

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The first thing we did, was to translate ‘Mutlu Dukkan’. It means a ‘happy shop’ (thanks Google)! We are in love with everything Mutlu Dukkan and Zeynep! 
Zeynep Yumlu hopes to share happiness through her cake and pastry art. She believes that happiness doubles as you share them with others. We say aye,aye!

About Zeynep Yümlü

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Zeynep Yümlü  has completed Wilton’s ‘Master Course’ from Netherlands. She has completed advanced cake designs from Planet Cake School, Australia. She runs her cake studio called ‘Mutlu Dukkan’, which is based out of Istanbul, Turkey. 

Zeynep’s sugar art oozes perfection, details and happiness. Mutlu Dukkan cakes tell a story in itself. She crosses over from a cute figurine to modern, delicate sugar flower with great ease! As you are scrolling through her cake and cookie art, you will find yourself in wonderland again!

We heart Zeynep Yümlü 🙂

Lush red pom

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Do you want to reach out and grab that luscious pomegrante? We too 🙂
We love this little fruit garden.

Fly away

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Sugar figurine and the expressions are flawless. Next thing you know, you are flying to the moon!

Out of this world

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So much universe in so little cake! Space details are in complete harmony. We are loving this.

Images via: IG/Mutlu Dukkan; Haberler; Food in Life

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